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By 2030, 75.6 million people worldwide will be living with dementia.* Demands on healthcare providers will be staggering.

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AGE is about People

A not-for-profit social enterprise, we are a leader in innovative, evidence-based dementia education for healthcare providers across disciplines, sectors and settings.

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AGE is about Personhood

Who am I? Understanding the unique human being behind the face is the first step in our person-centred approach to care.

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AGE is about Protection & Gentle Redirection

Fear. Anger. Distress. Care providers in the dementia context often feel helpless and at risk. Our programs transfer knowledge and skills to instill lasting confidence.

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AGE is about Best Practice

Practice and progress go hand in hand. Now in its 3rd edition, our Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA®) in Dementia Care education enhances the culture of care through each person it touches.

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AGE is about Progress

Progress demands that practice and programs be evaluated in context, across settings, over time. AGE Research & Evaluation service is available to all organizations who implement GPA.

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We can’t pay you, promote you, give you benefits, sick days or holidays. But … it’s a role where you’ll make a difference in the care and the lives of older Canadians!

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News & Announcements

Age Partners with New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association (NBCCSA) to bring GPA to Point-of-Care Staff across New Brunswick

May 18, 2017

AGE will deliver its Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) / Approches Douces et Persuasives (ADP) in Dementia Care to the NBCCSA’s point-of-care staff in health and community organizations throughout New Brunswick, in both official languages. GPA roll-out to the NBCCSA’s membership begins in June with a bilingual GPA/ADP Coach Workshop in Fredericton. The roll-out ties in with the official launch of Approches Douces et Persuasives (ADP) to the Francophone market across Canada at the end of May. Learn more

AGE Team Presents at Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (CGNA) Conference, 2017

May 9, 2017

A) “Sexual Expression and Dementia: Shelter or Shadow”;  “Responsive Behaviour related to Bathing in the Dementia Context”; 3. “Using GPA Education to influence Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Responsive Behaviour in Dementia.”
B) “Evidence-Based Dementia Education: Advancing Best Practice using a not-for-profit social enterprise model.” 
C) “Effects of a Dementia Educational Intervention for Emergency Departments on Staff Knowledge, Competence, and Self-Efficacy in Providing Person-Centre Care.”

A) Dr. Lori Schindel Martin
B) AGE Clinical Education Specialist, Michele Bliss
C) Dr. Victoria McLelland


AGE Presents at Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, Kyoto, Japan

April 26, 2017

AGE is presenting our pilot findings from our new online GPA eLearning curriculum carried out through cohorts from Ryerson/George Brown/Centennial College Collaborative Nursing programs. “Evaluation of an Online Dementia-Specific Education Intervention in a Baccalaureate Collaborative Nursing Degree Program.” Presented by Dr. Kristine Newman, Ryerson University. Poster available online soon. Visit our Research Page for more information.

NOTE: Please refer to GPA Coach information page for certification prerequisites. Supporting documents must be uploaded at registration. Participation at a GPA Education Session is now a prerequisite for GPA Certified Coach Training. If you have not participated in a GPA Education Session within the last 24 months, please contact info@ageinc.ca for information on how to access prior to attending the GPA Coach Training Workshop.

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Enhancing the care of older adults by learning together

The first step in our patient-centred approach to care is understanding the whole person.

Dr. Samir Sinha. Expert lead of the Ontario Seniors Strategy and founding Co-Chair of the Advisory Board for Canada's National Institute on Ageing speaks about GPA

In collaboration with AGE and multiple educational partners, including the Division of Geriatric Medicine at McMaster University, a new geriatric curriculum has been launched – the Geriatric Certificate Program (GCP). Click here for more information.

A Tribute to our Past: The GPA Legacy Rose

The cradled rose is an element from our original Gentle Persuasive Approaches logo. It represents our belief in a gentle, nurturing and respectful response to caring for older persons. Although our logo has evolved over time, our approach remains firmly rooted in person-centred care.

“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

– Victor Hugo

Photo credit: Gardener Hands. Photographer: Lesleigh Bahnmaier, Lenexa, Kansas.
Photo used with permission from the Landon Center on Aging “Images of Aging” photo contest © University of Kansas Medical Centre.